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Electronic Subcontracting Reporting System

The Electronic Subcontracting Reporting System (eSRS) is the Web-based system that provides a single point of entry for federal government subcontracting requirements and reports. This centralized database automates the business processes for completion and submission of the Individual Subcontract Report, or ISR (formerly the SF 294), and Summary Subcontract Report, or SSR (formerly SF 295). eSRS may be accessed at

Who Uses It?

All federal agencies, including all services and agencies across the Department of Defense (DoD) who are using Federal Procurement Data System-Next Generation (FPDS-NG) for their contracts, are now using eSRS for their subcontracting reporting activities.

When Are Reports Submitted in eSRS?

Contractors (and subcontractors who are other than small business, i.e., large businesses, colleges/universities and nonprofit organizations) with small business subcontracting plans should submit reports on their subcontracting activity during April and October. Contractors should submit one ISR for each contract and one SSR covering their entire subcontracting activity.

Individual Subcontract Report (ISR)

The ISR is submitted semi-annually during contract performance and at the completion of the contract. ISRs are due by April 30 and Oct. 30 and at the completion of the contract. The first ISR should be submitted during the first reporting period, even if no subcontracting has taken place.

Summary Subcontract Report (SSR)

For work performed for DoD activities, the SSR is submitted semi-annually, by the 30th day of the month following the close of the reporting period (i.e., due by April 30 and Oct. 30).

What Happens to the Data Once Submitted in eSRS?

When a contractor inputs their report information, their company information is populated directly from a live interface with the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) system and is based on the contractors DUNS number.

For the ISR, the contractor information is populated from a live interface with FPDS-NG. Note: In order for this information to be populated, the contract in FPDS-NG must be marked as having a subcontracting plan required. The contractor will get an error message if this not complete.

Once the contractor submits the report, it will stay in a pending status until the government reviews and accepts the report. The cognizant administrative contracting office/officer (ACO) or cognizant procuring contracting office/officer is responsible for taking action on all submitted reports. For DoD, the contractor shall submit certain reports as follows:

(1) The ISR shall be submitted to the ACO administering the contract unless contract administration has been delegated to the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA). If DCMA is administering the contract, submit the ISR to the contracting officer of the procuring contracting office. If no ACO has been identified, submit the ISR to the contracting officer of the procuring contracting office.

(2) An SSR shall be submitted in eSRS for other than commercial subcontracting plans, or construction and relative maintenance repair contracts, shall be submitted in eSRS to the cognizant DCMA/ONR procurement office/officer that administers the majority of the contractor’s individual subcontracting plans.


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