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Naval Shipbuilding and Advanced Manufacturing Center

Since 2003, the Naval Shipbuilding and Advanced Manufacturing (NSAM) Center and its predecessor, the Center for Naval Shipbuilding Technology, have been operated by Advanced Technology International (ATI) in Summerville, SC. The NSAM Center develops advanced manufacturing technologies and deploys them in U.S. industrial facilities to improve manufacturing processes and ultimately reduce the cost and time required to build and repair Navy weapons platforms. The NSAM Center works closely with the Navy’s acquisition community and the defense industry to address manufacturing technology issues that negatively impact efficiency, with respect to both cost and cycle time. Projects improve construction and repair processes, such as optimizing production practices, increasing the use of robotic manufacturing methods, investigating modular / packaged units, improving accuracy control, eliminating inefficiencies in material usage, and using advanced manufacturing tools and technologies. The NSAM Center focuses on technologies that improve the affordability of current Navy acquisition programs; new projects will investigate using modern planning systems, automated fabrication technologies, supply chain improvements, streamlined unit / module flow to and within storage and construction areas, wireless data management applications, using 3D models to support production, and developing improved scheduling systems for new, aggressive build strategies.

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