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Electro-Optics Center

Since its inception in 1999, the Electro-Optics Center (EOC) has reduced acquisition, operational and life-cycle costs while simultaneously improving the mission capability of electro-optic military hardware and enabling the transition of technology to industry and ultimately to the warfighter. Operated by the Penn State University Applied Research Laboratory in Freeport, PA, EOC is a hybrid between the best components of a university and those of private industry. This relationship enables access to the university’s researchers and scientists, its state-of-the-art facilities and leading-edge research. Application of this hybrid model enables EOC to provide its sponsors with solutions that combine leading-edge research with on-time and on-budget deliveries. EOC and the partner members of its Electro-Optics Alliance (EOA) have completed nearly 40 Navy ManTech projects that have resulted in significant savings to the taxpayer. The EOA advances DoD critical electro-optic manufacturing science and technology, and promotes U.S. preeminence in all areas of electro-optics. Alliance membership is available at no cost to all U.S. companies, government labs and academic institutions involved in electro-optics technology. The EOA is committed to advancing the commercial viability of electro-optics technologies and promoting technology transfer to industry, as well as wide dissemination of new electro-optics-related information.

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