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Energetics Manufacturing Technology Center

Established in 1994 by ONR, the Energetics Manufacturing Technology Center (EMTC) is Navy-operated and located at the Naval Sea Systems Command’s Naval Surface Warfare Center, Indian Head Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technology Division (IHEODTD) in Indian Head, MD. IHEODTD serves as the focal point for EMTC and, as a renowned leader in energetics, provides a full spectrum of capabilities, including energetics research, development, modeling and simulation, engineering, manufacturing technology, production, test and evaluation, and fleet / operations support. EMTC develops solutions to manufacturing problems unique to military system / subsystem acquisition and production requirements and the energetics industry. EMTC does not own or operate any facilities or equipment but is essentially a virtual enterprise that involves government, industry and academia in identifying requirements and executing projects. EMTC identifies weapon system and manufacturing base needs, develops and demonstrates the required manufacturing process technology solutions, and transitions successful results. EMTC understands that energetics are inherently dangerous and require special processes, equipment, facilities, environmental considerations and safety precautions.

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