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Navy Manufacturing Technology

The Navy Manufacturing Technology (ManTech) Program continues to improve the affordability of Navy platforms critical to the future force. Investments are focused on manufacturing technologies to assist key acquisition program offices in achieving their respective affordability goals.

The Navy ManTech Program responds to the needs of the Navy for the production and repair of platforms, systems and equipment. It aids in achieving reduced acquisition and total ownership costs by developing, maturing and transitioning key manufacturing technologies and processes. Investments are focused on those that have the most benefit to the warfighter.

For over 15 years, the Navy ManTech Program has focused on affordability improvements for key acquisition platforms including the VIRGINIA Class Submarine (VCS), COLUMBIA Class Submarine (CLB), DDG 51 Class destroyer, CVN 78 Class aircraft carrier, F-35 Lightning II aircraft and FFG 62 Class frigate.

Navy ManTech also supports select manufacturing technology projects that accelerate the delivery of capabilities to the Navy. Our seven primary thrust areas include swarm / unmanned / autonomous vehicle production, HEL weapon systems, advanced submarine fabrication technology, fleet sustainment technology, energetics production improvement, hypersonics fabrication and manufacturing acceleration of other ONR activities.

Navy ManTech works with defense contractors, the Naval Research Enterprise, Navy acquisition program offices and academia to develop improved processes and equipment. ManTech promotes timely implementation to strengthen the defense industrial base. With their expertise in specific technology areas, the Navy ManTech Centers of Excellence (COEs) play a key role in the definition and execution of the program.

Navy ManTech transitions affordable technology to the fleet by:

  • Focusing resources on key, high-priority acquisition platforms
  • Targeting cost reduction as the primary benefit
  • Developing critical manufacturing and repair / sustainment solutions
  • Engaging relevant industry partners upfront and throughout the process
  • Targeting ManTech transition and platform implementation as the key measures of success

For more information:

Manufacturing Technology Competency Lead / Program Officer: Neil A. Graf