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Guidance for Issuing Funds to the Office of Naval Research for Award to the Center for Naval Analyses (CNA)

CNA is a Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) supporting the Department of the Navy (DON), United States Marine Corps (USMC), and other Intelligence and Department of Defense (DoD) organizations. CNA focuses on undertaking strategic studies and analysis. ONR issues task orders for performance of work within the CNA FFRDC.

The following guidance applies to all funding documents issued to ONR for obligation under CNA Contracts N00014-22-D-7001 or N00014-16-D-5003.

Since funding is issued to the CNA under a contract, Department of Defense and Department of the Navy entities should issue funding to ONR on a direct cite basis. Civilian agencies will issue funding to ONR on a reimbursable basis. ONR does not charge a “fee” for CNA contract/task order awards.

Forwarding funds to ONR for the CNA contract:

Navy activities operating within the Navy Enterprise Resource Planning System (Navy ERP):
-Direct cite funds shall be issued to ONR through the Navy ERP system via a ZSPS procurement request. Within the Navy ERP system ONR’s vendor code is 0020007744.

Navy activities operating outside the Navy Enterprise Resource Planning System (Navy ERP):
-ONR comptroller requires direct cite funding via NAVCOMPT Forms 2276, or 2276A.

USMC activities
-Due to transition to the Defense Agencies Initiative (DAI) system, USMC sponsoring activities should issue direct cite funding to ONR via a Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR) DD448.

Army, Air Force, and OSD organizations
-Forward direct cite funds via a MIPR DD448.

Civilian Agencies
-Forward funds as reimbursable via a 7600A/B Interagency Agreement.

Funding Document Requirements

  1. Points of contact. When submitting to ONR, send documents to the following addresses:
  2. Cutoff Dates: Due end-of-year workload volume and lead-time for contract awards, ONR has established a 1 September cut-off date for accepting funds for award prior to the end of the fiscal year. Once funds are received and accepted by the ONR Comptroller, funds shall not be pulled back by the sponsor. Funding received after 1 September will be returned.
  3. All documents must provide purpose, time, and amount information. Funding document must include a brief description of the work effort. Include the applicable CNA project number, which can be found on the project proposal you are funding (i.e., 0007.xxxx.xxxx.xx). Include technical and financial points of contact, with name, telephone number, and e-mail address. This should be someone who can answer questions concerning the funding document. The e-mail address will allow ONR to provide an acceptance document as well as a POC for any inquiries. The Description box (9b) should reference the project number, title, and contract number (N00014-22-D-7001).
  4. Line of accounting (LOA). Any change to the LOA or funding amount requires an amendment document. Due to Navy ERP regulations, ONR will not accept pen and ink changes. Funds must always be in whole dollars. No pennies.
  5. DoD Activity Address Code (DODAAC) must be included on all documents. Documents sent without the DODAAC will be rejected. The Navy Enterprise Resource Planning (NERP) System requires a DODAAC.
  6. Object Class Code (OCC) 251 (Advisory and Assistance Services) Studies, Analyses and Evaluations: As a Federally Funded Research and Development Center, funding documents must reflect an appropriate OCC code. Documents that do not cite Code 251 (Advisory and Assistance Services) Studies, Analyses and Evaluations will be rejected.
  7. Product Service Code (PSC) B541 – (Special Studies/Analysis - Defense): In line with using the appropriate Object Classification Code, CNA projects need to reflect an applicable PSC. Include PSC B541 within the SOW BLOCK - MIPR block 9b, RCP block 15D and WX block 14. Documents without this PSC B541 will be rejected.
  8. You can only provide funding for one CNA project per funding document. Amendments can be generated if changes are made to the basic document (increases, decreases within the approved project proposal limit). ONR will NOT accept funding for multiple CNA projects on a single document.
  9. Provide the program element, project number, and budget activity code. If the incoming document cites the Navy Working Capital Funds (NWCF) appropriation, provide the original, underlying appropriation. If you are providing Operations and Maintenance funding, identify the activity group/sub-activity group.
  10. All funding documents require realistic fund expiration and Project Period of Performance (PoP) dates.
    • Particularly important for Operations and Maintenance funds, expiration dates will reflect obligation authority. ONR shall not award funding after the funds expiration date.
    • The Project Period of Performance date differs from the funds expiration date and should be reflected in the narrative description. The PoP should align with the Project Work Statement (PWS). Specifically, the PoP should be expressed in # of months from Delivery Order issuance (e.g., DO + 8 months), rather than actual start and end dates.
  11. Intelligence projects: If the document cites funds that are from the National Intelligence or Military Intelligence Programs (NIP/MIP), please include a copy of a NIP/MIP certification with your document.