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Before you begin searching our current vacancies, it´s important to understand the difference between merit staffing vacancy announcements and delegated examining vacancy announcements. Each vacancy announcement is soliciting a different group of applicants. However, on occasion, a position is advertised using both merit staffing and delegated examining. When this occurs, the vacancy announcement should refer the applicant to the appropriate announcement to apply under.

Merit staffing vacancy announcements seek candidates with status, meaning current federal employees serving on a career or career-conditional appointment, or others with status. As an applicant with status, look for vacancy announcements beginning with NE and containing ONR, (e.g., NE5-1301-15-ONR-0006).

Many of our merit staffing positions are advertised via a generic open continuous (OC) announcement. OC announcements allow applicants to apply for positions that MAY become vacant in the future. OC announcements build a pool of candidates from which a list of qualified candidates will be quickly generated based on management´s needs. Our OC announcements are easily identified with OC as part of the vacancy announcement number (e.g., ONR-OC-0001).

Delegated examining vacancy announcements seek candidates who do NOT have status, and are open to all qualified U.S. citizens. These announcements begin with NE-DE-ONR (e.g., NE-DE-ONR-05-0120-NR).

To apply for an ONR job announcement online, you must login to your account first, or create an account, at, and place the ONR job announcement number into the search field. The announcement that appears there will allow you to electronically apply for the position by following the instructions at the bottom of the announcement.