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Early Student Support for Physical Oceanography Investigators

The Office of Naval Research Physical Oceanography (PO) Program reserves a portion of core funding to support the training of the next generation of ocean scientists. We aim to strengthen innovation and our ability to observe, model, and forecast the ocean physical state through broadening participation in naval-relevant research areas. We select only a few ESS awards per year.

Grants will cover student support (tuition, stipend, fees) for up to three years, including up to one month per year of supervisor/advisor support. Any additional costs (e.g., supplies and materials) should be minimal with clear justification as to why they are required for the success of the student’s research project.

  • Graduate students should be admitted to the degree program prior to submission of a planning letter. Although not required, students are encouraged to participate in the writing of planning letters and proposals.
  • Proposed work should fall under topics of interest to the PO core program or Departmental Research Initiatives. Projects integrated with existing or proposed ONR-sponsored research are encouraged, but the advisor/supervisor does not need to be the recipient of previous ONR funding. Contact PO program officers for additional guidance in partnering under existing efforts.
  • In addition to the standard requirements outlined within the Physical Oceanography planning letter submission process, the planning letter should be accompanied by the student’s resume, statement of thesis activities, and anticipated timeline for degree progress. ESS is typically used as a mechanism to fund graduate students early in their degree program.
  • Planning letters should use the following naming convention: PI-LASTNAME_ESS_PL_FY23. Please email your planning letters to Physical Oceanography program officers.