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ONR Global TechSolutions

TechSolutions is an ONR Global rapid-response technology development program that produces prototype solutions to problems identified by Sailors and Marines.

TechSolutions needs suggestions and engagement from warfighters of all ranks/rates/MOS’ on ways to use technology to improve mission effectiveness. Please click here for more information on how to submit a TechSolutions request.

Naval Research and Development Establishment (NR&DE) researchers are invited to register to access the TechSolutions Web Portal* to view solicitations for prototype solutions to problems identified by the warfighters. Instructions on how to register for an account are found on our public website.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Provide a platform for Fleet/Force problems to be submitted directly from Sailors/Marines in need of technology solutions
  • Select projects based on high priority warfighter needs and whether the solution will have broad impact, is technically feasible, and is affordable
  • Work with the NR&DE to develop S&T prototypes that can be completed in 12 months or less
  • Coordinate with transition sponsors, submitters and their Command to identify transition paths once a prototype is developed

For More Information

ONR Global TechSolutions Contact Info: 703-696-0616,

The TechSolutions public website has additional information on the program, solution request process, sample projects, videos and instructions for users to register for access to the TechSolutions Web Portal*:

The TechSolutions Web Portal* for registered users includes our wiki, blog, project directory, ongoing solicitations and community calendar:

* Please note: Access to the TechSolutions Web Portal requires a valid CAC and a connection from a .mil network (NMCI, RDTE).

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TechSolutions Mission

To provide a rapid-response science and technology program focused on producing near term, low cost prototype solutions to problems submitted by Sailors and Marines.