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Become an ONR Global Science Director

ONR Global science directors provide an international perspective to the research agendas of the Office of Naval Research, the Naval Research Laboratory and the wider Naval Research Enterprise (NRE). Besides possessing solid technical credentials, prospective candidates must have an interest in working overseas as what is essentially a "technology broker" between the international science and technology community and the NRE.

Please be aware of the following:

  1. Keep apprised of the various positions available.

    The majority of science director positions are advertised in the fall for reporting the following summer; however, because of their rotating appointments and occasional personal career changes, newly vacant positions may be announced out of cycle.

  2. Contact past and present science directors.

    Science directors serving in the field or those who have held previous assignments as well as other ONR Global staff can provide details about the program and share valuable experiences with you. (Download a science directors contact sheet.)

  3. Talk to your family or those who may be accompanying you.

    Families or accompanying persons are important to the science director program and should be involved in decision-making as early as possible. Please request a Welcome Aboard packet which answers a number of frequently asked questions.

  4. Talk to your tax accountant or financial advisor.

    Working overseas could affect your federal and state income tax situation, as different tax regulations may apply to you depending on your employment status.

  5. Decide which position(s) for which to apply based on your qualifications and interests.

    Determine which position will best assist in developing your career, giving some preliminary thought to what you would do after completing an assignment as a science director. Because these are international positions, it would be advantageous to highlight any foreign language skills and experience working with foreign researchers you might have.

  6. Science director candidates should apply to ONR Global Human Resources.

    Science director candidates should apply to ONR Global Human Resources.

    Normally, we collect resumes in the Fall and hold interviews in the January-February timeframe. Position announcements for the following year's openings will normally be posted to our website by September.

  7. Coming aboard.

    Successful candidates will participate in our annual ONR Global Orientation, usually in early June, and then in the ONR Global Technical Meeting in the fall. New science directors usually relocate overseas during the summer.