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ONR Global Funding Opportunities

It is the mission of ONR Global to build relationships between the international scientific community and the Naval Research Enterprise (NRE) and to identify new technologies to support the Naval Research and Development Framework. ONR Global pursues these goals through the following programs:

  • The Visiting Scientists Program (VSP) supports short-term travel opportunities for international scientists to the United States or to international conferences to interact with researchers and to socialize new S&T ideas or findings with the NRE that advance basic research though collaboration.
  • The Collaborative Science Program (CSP) supports international workshops, conferences and seminars of naval interest held outside the United States.
  • Research Grants provides direct research support to international scientists to help address naval S&T challenges. These grants support the insertion of innovative, international S&T into core ONR and Naval Research Enterprise Programs.

See the current ONR Long-Range Broad Agency Announcement for Navy and Marine Corps Science and Technology (BAA) at for more information and direction on submitting a proposal.

Grant Processing

All ONR Global grant submissions shall be made through at Principal Investigators (PIs) or the organization desiring to do business with ONR Global must be registered in which requires a DUNS number, SAM registration and NCAGE code.

  1. Using Grants.Gov: Prior to starting the registration process, PIs are encouraged to visit the web page to check your Applicant Eligibility, Adobe Compatibility, Tools and Tips, as well as review the Applicant User Guide and FAQs under the Applicants tab. Any questions relating to the registration process, system requirements, how an application form works, or the submittal process must be directed to at 1-800-518-4726, International at 1-606-545-5035 or Email at
  2. DoD Requirement: ONRG must publicly post basic information for each new grant awarded. A publicly releasable, one (1) page abstract that describes—in terms the public may understand—the project or program supported by the grant shall be submitted with a proposal. See the ONR BAA for more information and instructions.