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About ONR Global

The U.S. Office of Naval Research Global (ONR Global) provides worldwide science & technology (S&T)-based solutions for current and future naval challenges. Leveraging the expertise of more than 50 scientists, technologists and engineers, ONR Global maintains a physical presence on five continents. The command reaches out to the broad global technical community and the operational fleet/force commands to foster cooperation in areas of mutual interest and to bring the full range of possibilities to the Navy and Marine Corps.

Shortly after ONR was founded in 1946, the command assumed the responsibility of the wartime-era's Office of Scientific Research and Development liaison office in London. It aimed to identify promising research opportunities in Europe and the Middle East. By 1977, the ONR's European and Tokyo offices had combined to form the international field office with a single, Department of the Navy-wide, international S&T strategy for fostering international collaboration. Over the decades, ONR Global has reached out to increase and expand its cooperative activities with offices in Singapore, Tokyo, Santiago, Prague, and most recently, Sao Paulo in 2014.

Science Director and Science Advisor Programs

ONR Global's science directors promote collaboration with international scientists while science advisors identify fleet/force needs and implement technology solutions. Both serve as the chief of naval research's science ambassadors abroad.

ONR Global Science Program Tools

ONR Global sponsors programs—exchange visits, conferences and workshops, seed funding—that address the needs of the Navy and Marine Corps and enhance the S&T priorities of ONR and the Naval Research Enterprise.

  • The Visiting Scientists Program supports short-term travel opportunities for foreign/international scientists to the United States to socialize new S&T ideas or findings with the NRE that support advancing basic research though collaboration.
  • The Collaborative Science Program supports foreign or international workshops, conferences, and seminars of naval interest by providing financial support.
  • Research Grants provide direct research support to international scientists to help address naval S&T challenges. These grants support the insertion of innovative, international S&T into core ONR and Naval Research Enterprise Programs.

ONR Global International Science Prospectus

ONR Global FY2021 Prospectus

The ONR Global International Science Prospectus for FY21 covers international networking, collaborations and fundamental research grants having Naval relevance. Our goal in providing this is to increase and enable Global’s corporate international science awareness, engagement and opportunities with you.