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ONR Global

In building and fostering international connections, ONR Global propels the execution of long-range strategic efforts that address the future needs of the naval fleet and forces and international partners.

International Ambassadors

Science directors promote collaboration with international scientists, and science advisors identify fleet/force needs and implement technology solutions. Both serve as the chief of naval research's science ambassadors abroad.

Sponsored Programs

ONR Global sponsors programs – exchange visits, conferences and workshops, seed funding that foster collaboration between Navy personnel, scientists and technologists around the world.

Expand Your Career

Apply for a two- to three-year tour with ONR Global, develop your professional network and build a portfolio with international appeal. Explore international career opportunities.

ONR Global Technical Functions

  • Science Advisors

    Embedded Naval Research and Development Establishment (NR&DE) scientists in U.S. Navy and Marine Corps command staffs to connect the warfighter and the NR&DE.

    Science Advisors

  • Science Directors

    Global subject matter experts to scout the world for technology awareness; find and connect the leading science and technology back to the Naval Research Enterprise.

    Science Directors

  • International Engagement

    Developing and maintaining Naval military to military research and development relationships through formal international bilateral agreements.

    International Engagement

  • Experimentation and Analysis

    Explore new technology capability limitations, develop operational concept possibilities and analyze science and technology applications in support of the Fleet/Force.

    Experimentation and Analysis

  • TechSolutions

    Develop and deliver prototype technology based on needs submitted directly by Sailors and Marines; connect the warfighters with the NR&DE for rapid response prototyping.


  • Foreign Comparative Testing

    Identify, procure, and test foreign developed capabilities and technologies; deliver enhanced capability and interoperability by leveraging international partners.

    Foreign Comparative Testing