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Office of Naval Research Reserve Component

The Office of Naval Research Reserve Component (ONR-RC) leverages Navy Reserve capabilities to assist the Office of Naval Research and Naval Research Laboratory in developing solutions for the warfighter. ONR-RC extends the Navy’s scientific outreach and provides surge capacity with technical and operational expertise.

Leadership and Organization of the ONR Reserve Component (ONR-RC)

The component provides 190 technically skilled officers with warfighting backgrounds to support the accelerated development of science and technology and its transition to the Navy. In addition, ONR-RC provides a reserve crew to the ex-USS Shadwell, a decommissioned U.S. Navy vessel serving as the Navy's full-scale damage control test platform.

ONR-RC is a national, matrixed organization with Reservists organized into 15 units dispersed across the country. Staff expertise generally is aligned to 11 science and technology focus areas, which enables the management of emergent requirements and allows ONR-RC members to work outside of the traditional Reserve unit structure. Focus area coordinators assist unit commanding officers by ensuring that unit members are aware of nationwide opportunities for Reservists that maximize their skill sets while providing the highest impact to the fleet.

ONR-RC's Three Unique Capabilities:

  1. Reservists possess both naval warfare expertise and industry/research experience.
  2. The component is equipped to provide surge capacity when a significant number of individuals with technical and/or operational skills are needed for a limited period.
  3. Reservists reside throughout the country, providing support in geographic areas where it would be otherwise impractical to maintain an active duty component.

Point of Contact: ONR-RC Commander