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Biomaterials and Bionanotechnology

Biomaterials and Bionanotechnology is primarily a basic science research program that explores new, biologically based materials. Applying biological paradigms to materials design, materials synthesis and system assembly is expected to yield synthetic materials with properties beyond the reach of current non-biological synthetic approaches. The program focuses on generating new materials from naturally occurring biological materials, generating new materials using biological components or processes, the design and synthesis of de novo biologically-based materials, and the design and fabrication of bio-inspired and biomimetic materials and devices. Proven concepts can serve as the foundation for further technology investments in the applied domain with the aim to increase naval capabilities. Targeted applications include, but are not limited to, underwater adhesion, photonics, electronics, energy harvesting and storage, sensing and thermal management.

Research Concentration Areas

  • Application of natural biological materials to the generation of new synthetic materials
  • De novo design and synthesis of synthetic biologically-based materials
  • Bio-enabled materials and devices generated using biological components or biological processes to direct material synthesis
  • Bio-inspired and biomimetic materials and device development

Research Challenges and Opportunities

  • Fabrication techniques for hierarchical, biologically-based materials with defined properties
  • DNA nanotechnology and application for functional device platforms
  • Synthesis and patterning of materials by microorganisms
  • Design and fabrication of bio-inspired and biomimetic materials and devices using nature’s design principles

How to Submit

For detailed application and submission information for this research topic, please refer to our broad agency announcement (BAA) No. N00014-22-S-B001.

Contracts: All white papers and full proposals for contracts must be submitted through FedConnect; instructions are included in the BAA.

Grants: All white papers for grants must be submitted through FedConnect, and full proposals for grants must be submitted through; instructions are included in the BAA.


Dr. Kristy Hentchel
Program Officer
Code 342