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Full Proposal Submissions

It is recommended that the submission of a research proposal be preceded by submission of a pre-proposal and a discussion of that pre-proposal with the assigned ONR Program Officer. If encouraged by the assigned ONR Program Officer, a formal research proposal may be submitted to the attention of that Program Officer. Format instructions for the formal research proposal are provided in the broad agency announcement to which you are applying. Current opportunities are available via ONR's broad agency announcement BAA listing.

DoD Animal Use Requirements should be taken into consideration when submitting proposals. The DoD Vet review process can take two to three months and the proposal processing by the MMB Program may require four months total. Proposals can NOT be funded until all animal use documentation, permits and protocols are received by the Program Officer and approved. Some of this documentation can take months to acquire, so investigators need to plan ONR proposal submissions accordingly. Animal use documentation should be submitted to the Program Officer at the time of the official proposal submission.

If you have any collaborators or co-investigators who will conduct their efforts in their official capacity with the U.S. government (e.g., National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries Science Centers, NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries, Navy labs), the government co-investigator must submit a SEPARATE proposal and budget specific to their portion of the project.

  • Grants: Grants should be submitted via and the procedures are provided under the “Application and Submission Information” section of the BAA. Here is a link for what is required for a grant.
  • Contracts: Submission procedures for contracts require the use of the contract template (which will include the technical proposal template, technical content and cost proposals) that should be submitted to the Program Officer who reviewed your pre-proposal.

Full Proposal Checklist

  • One-page budget summary listing all sub-awards and/or co-investigations (i.e. government labs), with subtotals and total budgets for each. Please make sure these budget figures match numbers submitted in the required forms (grants only).
    • If you have a government partner that is to receive their own funding they must submit the same proposal but include their budget (follow this same checklist).
  • Detailed spreadsheet or accounting of program budget—personnel salaries, supplies, equipment, travel, etc. Please make sure these budget figures match numbers submitted in required forms (grants only).
    • Each budget year is REQUIRED to follow the federal fiscal year (Oct. 1 – Sept. 30).
  • Equipment justifications and a quote from the vendor to justify the specified price for each commercially available piece of equipment (what is equipment as opposed to a supply or incidental cost is defined by your own institution).
  • Travel costs stating number and location of trips, duration, estimated airfare, per diem, auto rental, etc., or a basis for estimate (i.e., based on past experience, based on previous efforts, etc.).
    • Proposers are advised to budget for at least one trip annually to the Washington, D.C., area to allow review by or consultation with ONR personnel.
  • Animal-use or -care permits and other documentation if they are applicable (see above link to see if your project needs DoD veterinarian approval).
    • Include a copy of the full permit (the approval letter and the permit itself)
    • Include a copy of your IACUC (the approval letter and the protocols)
      – Make sure ALL signature blocks are filled in
    • Include the BUMED form (see the above link for DoD Animal Use Requirements for the forms and instructions)
      – Make sure ALL signature blocks are filled in