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Maritime Sensing Planning Letters

The following information is directed to investigators seeking funding through the Office of Naval Research (ONR) Maritime Sensing Program. Although the primary purpose is to request two- or three-year planning letters for funding to commence in fiscal year 2023 (October 2022), it also serves to review ONR's Maritime Sensing Program information, updates and changes to the program.

Instead of submitting a formal proposal, investigators are encouraged to submit a planning letter that provides a short description (not to exceed four typed pages, including figures) of proposed research plans and objectives for a two- or three-year project. This is designed to save time on both sides. A planning letter describing work that has a low probability of being funded will not be encouraged to be developed into a proposal.

Planning letters must:

  • Clearly and concisely describe the nature and objectives of the proposed effort
  • Describe the technical approach to be investigated to solve the problem
  • Indicate the amount of time needed to conduct the research
  • Provide an estimated budget broken out by year, including “at sea” time and type of platforms required
  • Include a one- or two-page resume of the lead investigator, which does not count towards the four-page limit described above

Please include telephone number and email address in the letters.


Please email planning letters to Please note that the goal is to issue awards early in fiscal year 2023 (October 2022) so that technical objectives can be achieved and expenditure benchmarks can be met within the fiscal year.