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Ocean Battlespace Sensing

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The Ocean Battlespace Sensing Department explores science and technology in the areas of oceanographic and meteorological observations, modeling and prediction in the battlespace environment; submarine detection and classification (anti-submarine warfare); and mine warfare applications for detecting and neutralizing mines in both the ocean and littoral environment.

Department Head: Dr. Tom Drake,



  • UUV

    The Ocean Sensing and Systems Applications Division, Ocean Battlespace Sensing Department, conducts an extensive program of scientific inquiry and technology development. The division's interests directly relate to Navy and Marine Corps operations including undersea, expeditionary and special warfare in littoral environments.

    Ocean Sensing and Systems Applications

  • An Air-Deployable Expendable Ice Buoy (AXIB) is deployed in the high Arctic near the North Pole.

    The Ocean, Atmosphere and Space Research Division concentrates on improving the Navy and Marine Corps’ understanding of environmental evolution, the assimilation of data and the limits of predictability. It plans, fosters and encourages an extensive program of scientific inquiry and technological development in fields ranging from environmental optics to high latitude dynamics.

    Ocean, Atmosphere and Space Sciences

  • The Auxiliary General Oceanographic Research (AGOR) vessel R/V Sally Ride

    The Partnership Offices and Corporate Management organizational element comprise a number of crosscutting efforts that span or support multiple scientific disciplines and technology development activities in a variety of methods across the department and ONR.