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Quantum Information Science

The Quantum Information Science (QIS) program supports basic and applied research. The QIS program focuses on developing underlying science and technology for the application of quantum systems to information process tasks that include computing, communication and simulation.

Research Concentration Areas

  • Photonic and phononic devices for high performance quantum information processing
  • Generation, characterization and utilization of quantum entanglement
  • Quantum-based techniques for solving hard problems or simulating complex systems that out perform all classically known approaches

Research Challenges and Opportunities

  • Innovative protocols for the preparation, readout, characterization and utilization of quantum correlated states for improved quantum information processing
  • Novel approaches to quantum simulation of complex, correlated quantum systems and quantum algorithms for finding approximate solutions to hard problems with naval relevance (e.g., large logistics problems) that may outperform all known classical techniques
  • Approaches to implementing quantum information processing tasks using phonons and phonon-based devices
  • Protocols for enhancing coherence in quantum systems by engineering the environment (such as controlling dissipative channels or employing driving protocols) that are compatible with applications in quantum information processing

How to Submit

For detailed application and submission information for this research topic, please refer to our broad agency announcement (BAA) No. N00014-22-S-B001.

Contracts: All white papers and full proposals for contracts must be submitted through FedConnect; instructions are included in the BAA.

Grants: All white papers for grants must be submitted through FedConnect, and full proposals for grants must be submitted through; instructions are included in the BAA.


Diener, Roberto Dr.
Program Officer
Code 312