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Division 312: Electronics, Sensors and Networks Research

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) Electronics, Sensors and Network Research Division conducts an integrated program of basic, applied, and advanced development research into technologies that enable new and innovative uses of the electromagnetic spectrum in support of the Navy and Marine Corps mission. Specific programs include research in surface and aerospace surveillance, communications, electronic warfare, and navigation and electronics. These areas are supported by a broad research program in electronics, focused on the reducing the cost weight and size of transmit and receive systems.

  • Surveillance: Research areas in surface and aerospace surveillance include sensors, primarily radar and electro- optic/infrared, and associated signal, image processing and exploitation.
  • Communications and Networking: Areas of interest in communications emphasize anti-jam and low-probability-of-intercept techniques, radio networks, and dynamic internetworking.
  • Electronic Warfare: Electronic Warfare research includes threat warning systems, electronic support measures, decoys, and electronic countermeasures.
  • Navigation: Navigation research includes GPS anti-jam and associated inertial navigation techniques, tactical time keeping and precision timekeeping.
  • Electronics: All areas of electronics relating to reducing the cost of, and increasing the performance of, transmission and reception of electromagnetic energy are covered.

Specific scientific and technical areas are covered by the division’s programs listed below.


Elson, Jay F. CDR
Division Director
Code 312