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To meet current and emerging warfighter needs and deliver future force capabilities, ONR invests 90 percent of its portfolio in mid- and long-term research while allowing for responsive, limited near-term technology insertions.

Echelon II and Reserve Component

Headquartered in London, with offices around the globe, ONR Global searches the world for promising scientific research and advanced technologies and then helps apply them to address current and future naval needs.

U.S. NRL — the Navy and Marine Corps full-spectrum corporate laboratory — conducts a broadly based multidisciplinary program of scientific research and advanced technological development directed toward maritime materials, techniques, equipment and systems, as well as ocean, atmospheric and space science technologies.

PMR-51, or the Office of Low Observable/Counter-Low Observable Policy Technology and Advanced Projects, is a special programs division.

The ONR Reserve Component (ONR-RC) leverages Navy Reserve capabilities to assist ONR in developing solutions for the warfighter. ONR-RC extends the Navy’s scientific outreach and provides surge capacity with technical and operational expertise.

NavalX enables collaboration, the pace of discovery, learning and experimentation, and fosters the naval workforce’s capacity for innovation and agility. It gives Sailors, Marines and DoN civilians valuable tools for solving problems and translating ideas into actionable solutions.


The Naval Research Enterprise (NRE) — which comprises ONR, the Naval Research Laboratory, ONR Global, PMR-51 and NavalX — is tasked with providing the capabilities and long-term vision ensuring U.S. naval dominance today and into the future.