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Unmanned Warrior 2016 Technology Fact Sheets

Unmanned Warrior will explore increasing the use of non-weaponized, unmanned and autonomous systems in delivering maritime capabilities. New knowledge gained will inform naval warfighting concepts in five mission themes:

Mission Theme: Geospatial Intelligence

Sensors aboard UxVs will gather hydrographic data to define the ocean operating environment.

Mission Theme: Anti-Submarine Warfare

UxVs integration will improve threat detection and response.

Mission Theme: Mine Countermeasures

Cooperation across UxVs speeds operational timelines and response effectiveness.

Mission Theme: Intelligence, Surveillance, Targeting and Reconnaissance

Low-cost, multi-mission UxVs deliver persistent and extended-range ocean surveillance.

Mission Theme: Command & Control

Enhanced C2 integrates data from disparate UxVs for improved collaboration across manned/unmanned forces.