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Young Investigator Program: Letter(s) of Support

Those wishing to apply for an Office of Naval Research (ONR) Young Investigator Program award must submit at least one letter of support through their appropriate university officials, in addition to their research proposal. Applications received without a letter of support will be considered incomplete and will not be considered for award.

ONR does not specify a format or content required for the letter(s) of support other than being authored by the appropriate university (or non-profit) official(s) and supporting long-term commitment by the university (or non-profit) to the applicant and his or her research. Long-term commitment may include (but is not limited to) release time from teaching and/or administrative responsibilities, paid nine-month salary, other related research funding, related laboratory and/or computer investments, new faculty start-up package, support for applicant’s graduate students/postdocs, and mentoring. The letter(s) can include any and all commitments and investments made by the university (or non-profit) towards the applicant being a successful researcher, instructor and advisor, as well as the applicant's achievements. It must be clear that the university (or non-profit) is making long-term commitment to the applicant and his or her research, and that the applicant is viewed as a potential leading faculty member or equivalent. The university (or non-profit) should make it clear that the individual being recommended is truly outstanding.