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2019 Young Investigator Award Recipients

  • Dr. Fadel Adib, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Wireless Communication Through the Water-Air Interface
    Program Officer: Dr. Santanu Das, Communications and Networking
  • Dr. Firooz Aflatouni, University of Pennsylvania
    Deep Networks with Ultra-Fast Photonic Training for Instantaneous Direct Image Classification
    Program Officer: Dr. Kevin Leonard, EO/IR Sensors and Sensor Processing
  • Dr. Christos Argyropoulos, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    Theoretically Modeling the High Thermal Emission/Formation Dynamics of Femtosecond Laser Functionalized Surfaces to Optimize Surfaces
    Program Officer: Ms. Sarwat Chappell, Sea Platforms and Weapons
  • Dr. D. Kwabena Bediako, University of California, Berkeley
    Van der Waals Engineering for Electrochemically Tunable Quantum Materials
    Program Officer: Dr. Chagaan Baatar, Nanoscale Computing Devices and Systems
  • Dr. Christoph Brehm, University of Kentucky
    Numerical Investigations of Particle Interactions with Navy Relevant High-Speed Flows
    Program Officer: Dr. Eric Marineau, Aerodynamics and Hypersonics
  • Dr. Jesse Capecelatro, University of Michigan
    High-Fidelity Modeling of Particulate Transport and Deposition in Extreme Environments
    Program Officer: Dr. Steven Martens, Turbine Engine Technology
  • Dr. Kathryn Daltorio, Case Western Reserve University
    Control of Crab-Like Robots for Amphibious Terrain
    Program Officer: Dr. Thomas McKenna, Bio-Inspired Autonomous Systems
  • Dr. Letian Dou, Purdue University
    Molecular Engineering of Highly-Stable High-Performance Lead-Free Perovskite Solar Cells
    Program Officer: Mr. Billy Short, Manufacturing, Maintenance and Logistics
  • Dr. John Duchi, Stanford University
    Practical Optimality Guarantees in Estimation and Learning
    Program Officer: Dr. Predrag Neskovic, Mathematical Data Science
  • Dr. Imraan Faruque, Oklahoma State University
    Insect Group/Swarm Behaviors and their Relation to Individual Feedback Models
    Program Officer: Dr. Marc Steinberg, Science of Autonomy
  • Dr. Yier Jin, University of Florida
    On-Chip Intelligent Sensor Based Real-Time Analog Trojan Detection Framework for Microprocessor Trustworthiness
    Program Officer: Dr. Sukarno Mertoguno, Cyber Security and Complex Software Systems
  • Dr. Amin Karbasi, Yale University
    Robust and Interactive Information Gathering in Dynamic Environments
    Program Officer: Dr. Behzad Kamgar-Parsi, Machine Learning, Reasoning and Intelligence
  • Dr. Zak Kassas, University of California, Riverside
    I Hear, Therefore I Know Where I Am: Exploiting Signals of Opportunity for Robust and Accurate Navigation in GPS-Denied Environments
    Program Officer: Dr. Richard Willis, Precision Navigation and Timekeeping
  • Dr. Na Li, Harvard University
    Real-Time Distributed Coordination of Multi-Agent Systems Under Limited Communication
    Program Officer: Dr. Marc Steinberg, Science of Autonomy
  • Dr. Song Lin, Cornell University
    Amping Up the Synthesis of Energetic Materials Using Electricity: Electrochemical Methods for the Installation of N-containing Explosophores
    Program Officer: Dr. Chad Stoltz, Energetic Materials
  • Dr. Jian Liu, University of Tennessee
    Complex Oxide Heterostructures for Novel Topological Superconducting States
    Program Officer: Dr. Brian Bennett, Information, Cyber and Spectrum Superiority
  • Dr. Jarad Mason, Harvard University
    Porous Metal-Organic Liquids as a New Platform for Investigating Gas-Liquid Interactions
    Program Officer: Dr. Sandra Chapman, Undersea Medicine
  • Dr. Piya Pal, University of California, San Diego
    New Unified Framework for Super-Resolution Imaging with Prior Information
    Program Officer: Dr. John Tague, Undersea Signal Processing
  • Dr. James Pikul, University of Pennsylvania
    Understanding Electrochemically Induced Surface Evolution and Transport at Metal-Hydrogel Interfaces for Metal-Air Scavenger Power
    Program Office: Mr. Billy Short, Manufacturing, Maintenance and Logistics
  • Dr. David Poerschke, University of Minnesota
    Surface Phenomena in Refractory Multi-Principle Element Alloys
    Program Office: Dr. Dave Shifler, Mission Capable, Persistent and Survivable Naval Platforms
  • Dr. Pavana Prabhakar, University of Wisconsin
    Metastable Sandwich Composites for Impact and Fatigue Damage Tolerance in Extreme Conditions
    Program Officer: Mr. William Nickerson, Airframe Structures and Materials
  • Dr. Edmon Perkins, Auburn University
    Topological Optimization of Nonlinear and Stochastic Oscillators
    Program Officer: Dr. Michael Shlesinger, Non-linear Physics
  • Dr. Carlo Scalo, Purdue University
    Reynolds-Averaged Modeling and Real-Gas Effects in Hypersonic Turbulent Boundary Layers
    Program Officer: Dr. Eric Marineau, Aviation, Force Projection and Integrated Defense
  • Dr. Maryam Shanechi, University of Southern California
    Uncovering Multiscale Neural Network Dynamics Underlying Reach-to-Grasp Movements
    Program Officer: Dr. Thomas McKenna, Bio-Inspired Autonomous Systems
  • Dr. Venkat Viswanathan, Carnegie Mellon University
    Towards a Comprehensive Understanding through Coupled Theoretical-Experimental Analysis of Dendrite Nucleation and Mitigation in Current and Next-Generation Li-Ion Battery Anodes
    Program Officer: Dr. Michele Anderson, Electrochemical Materials
  • Dr. Shannon Yee, Georgia Institute of Technology
    Switchable Organic Thermal Elements
    Program Officer: Dr. Mark Spector, Ship Systems and Engineering Research
  • Dr. Xiaoyu (Rayne) Zheng, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
    Rational Design and Additive Manufacturing of 3D Piezoelectrics with Arbitrary Anisotropy for Maritime Self-Sensing Structures
    Program Officer: Mr. Michael Wardlaw, Maritime Sensing
  • Dr. Daniel Zitterbart, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
    Development of Next Generation Automatic Surface Whale Detection System for Marine Mammal Mitigation and Distribution Estimation
    Program Officer: Dr. Michael Weise, Marine Mammals and Biology