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2014 Young Investigator Award Recipients

To learn a little more about these Young Investigator Program (YIP) recipients, visit the YIP Class of 2014 Facebook page.

Dr. Edoardo Airoldi, Harvard University
Proposal Title: Measuring and understanding information and behavioral patterns for planning and executing

Dr. Sonia Chernova, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Proposal Title: Multi-Representational Learning from Demonstration through Sequential User Study Development

Dr. Laura L. Colgin, University of Texas at Austin
Proposal Title: Do Separate Slow and Fast Variants of Gamma Oscillations Differentially Affect Neural Computation?

Dr. Andreas Fahlman, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
Proposal Title: Lung Mechanics in Marine Mammals

Dr. Yun Raymond Fu, Northeastern University
Proposal Title: Deep Structures Boosted Self-Organized Behavior Pattern Learning for Anomaly Detection

Dr. Jin-Oh Hahn, University of Maryland
Proposal Title: Control Algorithms and Test Beds for Automated Critical Care System

Dr. Clifton R Haider, Mayo Clinic
Proposal Title: In Vitro Optical Characterization of Blood Gas Kinetics in Diving: Towards a Real-Time, Quantitative Dive Monitoring System

Dr. Neal Hall, University of Texas at Austin
Proposal Title: Femto-Photonics: Towards Micromachined Underwater Acoustic Vector Sensors with Optoelectronic Readout

Dr. Antonios Kontsos, Drexel University
Proposal Title: Identification of Fatigue Precursors for Multi-scale NDE & Prognostics

Dr. Michael Kudenov, North Carolina State University
Proposal Title: Passive Standoff Super Resolution Imaging using Spatial-Spectral Multiplexing

Dr. Javad Lavaei, Columbia University
Proposal Title: Graph-Theoretic Algorithm for Solving Polynomial Optimization with Applications to Energy Systems and Distributed Control Systems

Dr. Adrian KC Lee, University of Washington
Proposal Title: Capturing Neural Biomarkers of Auditory Attention

Dr. Chunlei Liang, George Washington University
Proposal Title: High-Fidelity Simulations of Fluid-Structure Interaction for Leatherback Sea Turtle Inspired Propulsion

Dr. Kevin Maki, University of Michigan
Proposal Title: Extreme Operation Modeling for the Design of Naval Platforms

Dr. Abhay Pasupathy, Columbia University
Proposal Title: Electronics from One-dimensional Nanostructures of Two-Dimensional Materials

Dr. Mina Rais-Zadeh, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Proposal Title: Acoustic Phonons and Their Interactions with Electrons in Gallium Nitride Ultra-fast Ultra-scaled Resonators

Dr. Michael Sangid, Purdue University
Proposal Title: Relationships between the Galvanic Driving Force and Strain Energy Density Accumulation

Dr. Georg Seelig, University of Washington
Proposal Title: Self-Patterning DNA Materials

Dr. Jeffrey Tabor, Rice University
Proposal Title: Engineering Probiotics that Improve Warfighter Performance by Maintaining Lean Body Mass and Inhibiting Anxiety

Dr. Stephanie TerMaath, University of Tennessee
Proposal Title: Probabilistic Multi-Scale Damage Tolerance of Composite Patches for Naval Aluminum Alloys

Dr. Jason Valentine, Vanderbilt University
Proposal Title: Dielectric Based Optical Metamaterials

Dr. Michail Zavlanos, Duke University
Proposal Title: Distributed Real-Time Optimization of Mobile Wireless Networks

Dr. Roseanna Zia, Cornell University
Proposal Title: Structure, Dynamics, and Nonlinear Mechanical Response of Kinetically Arrested Particle Suspensions

Dr. Xuanhe Zhao, Duke University
Proposal Title: Harnessing Extraordinary Surface and Bulk Properties of Graphene-Polymer Nanocomposite for Advanced Naval Coating

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