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2008 Young Investigators

Dr. Christopher Bielawski, University of Texas at Austin
Proposal Title: Smart Polymeric Extractants: Concepts and Applications

Dr. Elizabeth Boon, State University of New York at Stony Brook
Proposal Title: Fundamental Investigation of Nitric Oxide as a Strategy to Control Biofouling in Marine Biofilms

Dr. Markus Buehler, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Proposal Title: Hierarchical Nanomechanics of Amyloid Protein Fibers

Dr. Jun-Hong Cui, University of Connecticut
Proposal Title: A Networking Perspective: Towards Reliable Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks

Dr. Yi Cui, Stanford University
Proposal Title: Silicon Nanowires as High Energy and Power Li-ion Battery Anodes for Marine Distributed Power Sources

Dr. John Dabiri, California Institute of Technology
Proposal Title: Optimal Propulsion Methodologies for Hybrid Screw-based, Bio-inspired Systems

Dr. Oliver Fringer, Stanford University
Proposal Title: Development of a Novel Coupled Simulation Tool to Study Ocean-Estuary Exchange

Dr. Carlos A. Guestrin, Carnegie Mellon University
Proposal Title: Novel Computational Paradigm for Integration of Uncertain Information in Adversarial Activity Recognition

Dr. Michael Hickner, Pennsylvania State University
Proposal Title: Fundamental Studies of Ion and Water Transport in Ion-containing Polymer Membranes: Effects of Bulk Composition and Surface Coating on Flux and Rejection

Dr. Syed A. Jafar, University of California Irvine
Proposal Title: Interference Alignment and the Promise of Unlimited Secure Spectrum Access for Tactical Communication Networks

Dr. David Kempe, University of Southern California
Proposal Title: Game-theoretic Views of Social Networks and their Interactions

Dr. Adrian Lew, Stanford University
Proposal Title: Computational Solid Mechanics in the Navy for the Era of Streaming Computing

Dr. Xiaoqin Li, University of Texas at Austin

Dr. Brian Mann, Duke University
Proposal Title: Broadband Energy Harvesting in Varied and Uncertain Environments

Dr. Leigh McCue, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Proposal Title: Tool Development at the Intersection of Nonlinear Dynamics and Computational Fluid Mechanics

Dr. Susan E. Parks, Pennsylvania State University
Proposal Title: Assessment of Acoustic Adaptations for Noise Compensation in Marine Mammals

Dr. David Ralston, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Proposal Title: Sediment Transport at Density Fronts in Shallow Water

Dr. Justin Romberg, Georgia Institute of Technology
Proposal Title: Compressive Sampling for Next-Generation Signal Acquisition

Dr. Michael S. Strano, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Proposal Title: Short Wavelength Optical Modulators for Undersea Communications via Franz-Keldysh Oscillations in Electronically Sorted Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes

Dr. Andrea Thomaz, Georgia Institute of Technology
Proposal Title: Turn-taking: A Fundamental Skill for Human-robot Interaction

Dr. Joel A. Tropp, California Institute of Technology
Proposal Title: Compressive Signal Processing - Theory and Algorithm

Dr. Haiyan Wang, Texas Engineering Experiment Station
Proposal Title: Nanoscale Microstructural Characterizations of Multifunctional Ceramic Nanocomposites

Dr. Derek Warner, Cornell University
Proposal Title: An Atomically Informed and Experimentally Calibrated Ductile Fracture Model of Aluminum for Hull Structural Analysis

Dr. Robert Wood, Harvard University
Proposal Title: Hovering Control for Insect-inspired Flapping-wing Micro Air Vehicles

Dr. Dapeng Oliver Wu, University of Florida
Proposal Title: Delay-assured Ad Hoc Networking

Dr. Jianglong Zhang, University of North Dakota
Proposal Title: Development of an Operational Multi-sensor and Multi-channel Aerosol Assimilation Package Using NAAPS and NAVDAS

Dr. Xiaolin Zheng, Stanford University
Proposal Title: Coupling Nonequilibrium Plasma and Insoluble Nanocatalysts to Facilitate Ignition for Advanced Propulsion Applications