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Basic Research Challenge

The ONR Basic Research Challenge (BRC) program was established to competitively select and fund promising research programs in new areas not addressed by the current basic research portfolio. The program stimulates new, high-risk basic research projects that have naval relevance with the hope of attracting new investigators to the Office of Naval Research. The BRC program funds topics that foster leading-edge science with the ability to sponsor academic, non-profit, and industrial researchers. BRC awards are for a period of four years with a $6M budget for each topic area and can be comprised of both grants and contracts. Topic ideas are submitted by ONR Program Officers. The BRC topics are issued under an ONR Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) which is officially published at BAAs are also listed at the following link: /work-with-us/funding-opportunities/announcements.

Please note:

After 10 years, the ONR BRC program has concluded. The BRC program was successful in identifying new long-term principal investigators and approaches to solving U.S. Navy and Marine Corps science and technology challenges.

ONR Program Manager

Reginald G. Williams, Ph.D.
Point of contact: Paula Barden