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Work-Life Balance

ONR permits some or all employees to work schedules different from the eight-hour-per-day, 80-hours-per-pay-period standard, including compressed schedules that allow employees to work 80 regular hours in fewer than the 10 working days of a "normal" pay period. Alternative arrangements can assist individuals in caring for children or other dependents, create extra "personal time" to pursue educational or other developmental activities, or help to reduce work-related stress. Alternative programs include:

  • Telecommuting/Flexiplace: Telecommuting arrangements allow employees to work from home (or at a satellite location close to home) rather than commuting to the office every day.
  • Subsidy for Energy Employee Transit Program (SEET): ONR offers a monthly transit subsidy to all agency employees who use public transportation.
  • Physical Fitness/Health Services: The Department of Defense (DoD) encourages employees to maintain their physical well-being in a number of ways. Employee-sponsored and supported fitness centers are located on-site at a number of DoD facilities. The fitness and health centers are staffed by professional health care providers and trainers and offer a variety of exercise courses, health seminars and modern equipment.
  • Disability Services: ONR works to ensure that employees with disabilities can participate fully in all aspects of the organization’s work, programs and services. For more information, ask about ONR's disability program and reasonable accommodation procedures.