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Office of the Inspector General

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) Inspector General (IG) is the designated agent for receipt and investigation of allegations of fraud, waste and abuse for the chief of naval research. The IG relies on concerned employees and private citizens to report information regarding alleged fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement at the ONR.

Everyone is encouraged to be vigilant to the possibility of fraud, waste or abuse and related improprieties, and to report such alleged acts to the IG. Remember that perceptions differ; not all allegations of wrong-doing constitute violations of law, rule or regulation. Please visit the Naval Inspector General website for additional information.

The IG is also the designated agent at ONR for receipt of allegations regarding scientific research misconduct associated with ONR funded grants. Allegations of scientific research misconduct include fabrication, falsification or plagiarism in proposing, performing or reviewing research, or in reporting research results.

See the Policy for Handling Allegations of Scientific Research Misconduct (PDF 291 KB)

Filing a Complaint

You may contact the inspector general or deputy inspector general to file a complaint, or you may call the Hotline. If calling the hotline please provide as much detailed information as possible. Remember the W's:

  1. Who (full name, including middle initial if known, position title, command/agency where they work)
  2. What (what they did or failed to do that was wrong)
  3. When (specific dates and times and where they were when it happened)
  4. Witnesses (names and numbers of other witnesses)

We would greatly appreciate a contact number for you; we will not ask for any personal information, only information pertaining to the complaint. You may also submit a complaint via fax or email.

Download the Hotline Complaint Form (PDF 36 KB)

If a management official takes (or, under certain statutes, threatens to take) an unfavorable personnel action against you, or withholds (or, under certain statutes, threatens to withhold) a favorable personnel action because you made or the manager believed you made a protected communication or disclosure, then you may be protected from such reprisal as a whistleblower. Please see the link below to learn more.

DoD OIG Whistleblower Protection - YouTube

ONR IG Hotline Contacts